Thursday, July 13, 2017


Using Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube), do a search for a particular brand, product, service or cause and DESCRIBE IN DETAIL how the company or organization is using social media. Cite Examples.
I chose to look up Dr. Pepper because that's what I am drinking at this time. On Facebook you can like there page and they are using there page to advertise there product. They are advertising to unlock a Snapchat lens if you add them on Snapchat. I looked up Dr. Pepper on Instagram and they have the same ads and pictures as they do on Facebook.

Second, evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Who is the TARGET AUDIENCE (be specific)? Is it working? Tell why or why not.
The target audience would seem to be everyone using social media. They want everyone to buy and drink their product. They post on every social media site because not everyone has every site some people don't have Facebook and some people don't have Instagram. So they advertise on every site so that people will see their advertisements at least once and hopefully more so that people will go out and buy their product. I think that it is working because a lot of people buy and drink Dr. Pepper.

If you were the Product/Brand Manager, what else would you recommend to promote this product, service or cause?

This one is a hard one for me to answer because they already do a great job advertising. They could do different advertisements with different aged people to show all of their audience. Like show teenagers with the drink, then college kids, then working adults, retired adults, veterans, and so forth.


  1. Briefly DESCRIBE the ad. Then discuss what stood out about the commercial or PR message. The add is advertising that you the person buying Dr. Pepper can chose any label they would like on their Dr. Pepper, that they are all not the same.
  2. Who is the TARGET AUDIENCE? Be very specific here! It seems like to me that their target audience is teens to young adults with all of the bright colors but then with the picture they almost have an 80's vibe to it.
  3. Which PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES are used in the messages (e.g. famous-person testimonial, snob-appeal, plain-folks approach, bandwagon effect, hidden-fear, irritation, association principle, emotional branding, integrated marketing, narrative, stereotypes)? Note how these techniques are used in the ad or campaign. This advertisement has the bandwagon effect because people tend to drink what everyone else is drinking. The labels look associates withe the 80's. Dr. Pepper also has loyal customers such as myself but the advertise to keep people drinking their product plus get new people to try their product.
  4. Finally, explain why these techniques worked, or why they failed. I believe their advertisements work because they have a lot of customers.
  5. Note: Go ahead and include a YouTube video of the ads or photos into your blog post!

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