Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TOPIC 1: MUSIC'S INFLUENCE --  As the textbook authors have noted: "Throughout its history, popular music has been banned by parents, school officials and even governments under the guise of protecting young people from corrupting influences."  Think about your own experiences in listening to music or seeing it performed.
  1. Describe an instance in which you or others may have tried to "protect" someone from music's "corrupting influences," or a time when something you listened to "crossed the line" or raised the eyebrows of others. 

    I grew up listening to country music, so there wasn't anything to be "protected" from. As I got older and into high school my music style had changed, as I was exposed to new music. I wasn't protected per say from any kind of music. The only protecting I did with music was when my nephews were in my car, I wouldn't play songs with cussing in it. I would play "kid" friendly songs. Now with my son, I don't expose him to a lot of cussing or songs about killing or anything like that. If there is a cuss word in the song, he knows not to say it. 

    The on;y "corrupting influence" I have seen through music was my brother. He would listen to loud screaming angry music and he would act all tuff and angry during and after listening to music. I'm not sure if it was the music, he could of already been angry and listening to the music only intensified it. 
  2. How did you feel about the experience?

    My experience with protecting my nephews from negative music was positive because I will do anything and everything to protect them. My experience watching my brother was scary at the time because I thought that music had no influence over someones way of thinking before. As I got older listening to different music with different moods, my mind thinks different things. If I listen to a song about fighting and I'm in a good mood, I hear it as just a song. If I am in a fighting mood and listen to the same song then I may listen to the lyrics more and start to think in a fighting way. 
  3. List your favorite music genre and your top five bands/artists. (I'll get things started here: I'm an '80s rocker who listens to way too much Rush, U2, AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Billy Idol ... though I have seen Sarah McLachlan in Portland twice, and they were among the best shows I've seen.)

    I listen to Country music a lot. My top five bands/artists right now are
    1. Luke Bryan
    2.Carrie Underwood
    3. Reba McEntire
    4. Jason Aldean
    5. Rascal Flatts 
TOPIC 2: CAMPUS RADIO -- A group of students is checking out the possibility of launching a radio station based at LBCC.  
  1. What do you think of this idea? Does it seem feasible to you? WHY OR WHY NOT?

    I think that it would be a good idea. I think that if the money is there then it would be feasible. I think that students know what other students are listening to so they would keep up on the best music. 
  2. What TWO programs/formats/services would you recommend the station adopt in order to build a loyal niche audience. Be specific, give examples. (Note: Also be sure to consider programs/formats that are not being offered by the area's commercial and nonprofit radio stations.)

    I think that a program to earn credits while working at the radio station, like there is working for the news paper on campus. I think there should be a semi open format. Students should be able to play the music that is the current music everyone is listening to. They of course should talk about school events and whats new with the school. I also think they should be able to talk about real topics, such as bullying in the schools. Maybe then people wouldn't feel so alone and they can listen on the radio and decide what to do for themselves. 
  3. How would you recommend the students fund this venture? Be specific, give examples. (Hint: You'll need to get creative here, as the college is not likely to take on funding for such a project.)

    Funding is always the biggest obstacle for anything like this. They would have to do fundraisers, such as put on a concert and all the money goes to the radio station. Do things like car washes, or food sales, also try to find investors.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Using Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube), do a search for a particular brand, product, service or cause and DESCRIBE IN DETAIL how the company or organization is using social media. Cite Examples.
I chose to look up Dr. Pepper because that's what I am drinking at this time. On Facebook you can like there page and they are using there page to advertise there product. They are advertising to unlock a Snapchat lens if you add them on Snapchat. I looked up Dr. Pepper on Instagram and they have the same ads and pictures as they do on Facebook.

Second, evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Who is the TARGET AUDIENCE (be specific)? Is it working? Tell why or why not.
The target audience would seem to be everyone using social media. They want everyone to buy and drink their product. They post on every social media site because not everyone has every site some people don't have Facebook and some people don't have Instagram. So they advertise on every site so that people will see their advertisements at least once and hopefully more so that people will go out and buy their product. I think that it is working because a lot of people buy and drink Dr. Pepper.

If you were the Product/Brand Manager, what else would you recommend to promote this product, service or cause?

This one is a hard one for me to answer because they already do a great job advertising. They could do different advertisements with different aged people to show all of their audience. Like show teenagers with the drink, then college kids, then working adults, retired adults, veterans, and so forth.


  1. Briefly DESCRIBE the ad. Then discuss what stood out about the commercial or PR message. The add is advertising that you the person buying Dr. Pepper can chose any label they would like on their Dr. Pepper, that they are all not the same.
  2. Who is the TARGET AUDIENCE? Be very specific here! It seems like to me that their target audience is teens to young adults with all of the bright colors but then with the picture they almost have an 80's vibe to it.
  3. Which PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES are used in the messages (e.g. famous-person testimonial, snob-appeal, plain-folks approach, bandwagon effect, hidden-fear, irritation, association principle, emotional branding, integrated marketing, narrative, stereotypes)? Note how these techniques are used in the ad or campaign. This advertisement has the bandwagon effect because people tend to drink what everyone else is drinking. The labels look associates withe the 80's. Dr. Pepper also has loyal customers such as myself but the advertise to keep people drinking their product plus get new people to try their product.
  4. Finally, explain why these techniques worked, or why they failed. I believe their advertisements work because they have a lot of customers.
  5. Note: Go ahead and include a YouTube video of the ads or photos into your blog post!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

  • List 3 people/organizations you follow and WHY. 
    @ Heartland because I love the show and like to see pictures and such of behind the scenes and what the actors are up to when they are not filming.
    @ BrockObama because he was the president.
    @ dhnews because I like to keep up with what is going around me in my town and the towns around me.
    I also follow friends and family to keep in touch because I don't get to see them much.
  • What's the best "tweet” or status update you've seen lately? In other words, what were you tempted to "retweet” or "like”? WHY did that stand out to you?

    All of my social media feeds have been related to the fourth of July. I like to see picture of my friends and family and what they were up to for the holidays. I also like to see posts from the news, so I can see what is going on in the world around me. 
  • Some experts talk about social media empowering people and strengthening democracy. Others aren't so sure, given a tendency to create our own "echo chambers." With your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Google+ or just through texting ... Do you feel social media has enhanced your ability to take action or participate in democracy, government or other activities? Discuss and give an EXAMPLE. Or spell out why you don't feel you need these social media, or even intentionally avoid them!

    I believe that social media has enhanced our ability to take part in democracy, government and other activities. When people are campaigning and make commercials, they put out the information they want you to see, but you can go on the internet and all the social media and see information about the person you're going to vote for. I know that there is a lot of lies and misinformation on the internet as well. Our current president on twitter posts different things and people are able to comment back to what he has to say, he can see people's thoughts and opinions on what is going on in our world. 

  •  Sherry Turkle talks about us becoming more "connected" than ever before, and yet we may be setting ourselves up to become more isolated. Share your thoughts on Turkle's talk, including a few EXAMPLES. Have you, your family and others "reclaimed" areas of home, work or play for conversations -- or declared those spaces device-free zones? Have you taken steps to ensure that you are really listening to others?

    I agree with her when she was talking about how we want to be around people and wanting to be on our phones at the same time. She showed a picture of her daughter with her friends and they were together but all of them were on their phones and I see that around me all the time. I was at a birthday party and I took a picture and everyone was sitting around together but everyone was on their phones.

    I will admit I am on technology everyday, but when I invite people over, or if I go hang out with someone I give them my attention. If someone in my house starts talking to me, I put down my phone and listen to them. I will admit that I use my phone as a crutch. When I don't know anyone or I am in an uncomfortable situation I automatically go to my phone. We don't have a "phone free" zone but when we want to talk to someone who is on their phone we talk differently by making sure we get their attention first. Sometimes they will say hold on or you have to wait until I'm done doing what I am doing on my phone first. If you just start talking they will not hear you or pay attention. 

  • When it comes to digital gaming ... How many games have you downloaded to your smartphone or computer? What games do you most enjoy playing (e.g. Fantasy baseball? Words with Friends? Candy Crush? League of Legends?) and WHY? 
    I have downloaded a lot of games to my phone and tablet over the years I have own them. I like to try new games so I download them, and if I do not like them, then I delete them and look for another game to play.

    Right now I like play sims free play and picture cross the most. I like Sims because I get to decorate different houses and put together different style of outfits and such. I like Picture cross because I like doing puzzles and figuring things out. 

    I also have games that my son likes to play on my phone, such as Pokemon go and red ball 4.
  • How many hours a week do you think you spend on digital gaming and social networking? Do you feel like you are part of an online community? Discuss that "community" aspect of gaming. Or maybe you're too busy with other commitments/interests in your life ... and don't see the point of wasting so much time online or on the phone ... Say more about that ... 

    It depends on what is going on around me on how many hours a week I spend on my phone. When my roommate and my son are not home I spend more time on my phone then when my son is around. I also lay in bed by myself at night playing a game or on social media. I don't have a lot of people in my life so social media is one way I don't feel so alone. I would like to have more in person friends to hang out with and have fun with. My favorite part of my phone is my camera. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca Chandler. My major is Sociology and I am not sure exactly what I want to do after I graduate, but I do know I want to work with youth. I graduated with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. 

Media is apart of my everyday life and I would like to know everything I can about it. How and why media works? Things along those lines. It would also be interesting to see where media is headed with the years to come. 

Some of my passions are art and photography. What I am the most is being a mother. I don't know if that would be considered a passion, but it is what I am and what I love being the most. I am also passionate about helping youth succeed in life and help them become a positive adult in society. I live where many parents drop the ball so to speak when it comes to parenting and most these kids just want someone to listen to them and to be there for them. I try to help out in any way possible.